About Us

The Modern Mystery School offers advanced spiritual training utilizing the tools, techniques, and traditions passed down from person to person since ancient times. This school traces its lineage back over 3,000 years to the time of King Salomon the Wise, who created the conditions for the amazing changes we can see around us in the world today. The Modern Mystery School supports us as we to come together to heal ourselves, our communities, and to reach toward self-mastery in this lifetime. Each student is invited to join us on a path of self discovery and spiritual progression, and can choose to focus on a specialty that suits their unique gifts and talents.


Welcome to the Mystery of Life

Have you ever wondered about who you are or why you are here? Many people live life without ever seeking the answers to these questions. Instead, they wander through their days, watching the world pass them by, and hoping for some kind of answer to appear. After waiting for sometimes an entire lifetime, some begin to wonder if this answer can’t be waited for, but instead must to be actively searched for.

If you are reading this, then you’re perhaps one of those people that does think about these questions. Take a moment and look around you right now. Observe what you see. If you’re like most of our students, then perhaps you wonder how everything fits in; how all of your life experiences, the world around you, and the people you meet have an impact. You question why all of this matters and why these things affect you the way they do? Why is all of this here? Where did it come from? Is it significant? What does it all mean?

These questions are the great mysteries of life we all experience at one point or another, and their answers are tied to the unknown origins of the universe and how it works. In fact, everyone does want to know, somewhere deep inside, the answers to these and a myriad of other questions about the universe and about themselves – they just don’t know where to look and often what questions to ask.

Certainly, throughout history there have been myths and stories created to explain how the universe came to be, what started life on Earth, who and what God is. These gave birth to many different traditions and religions. The fundamental flaw with many of them is the idea that their truth is threatened by the existence of other traditions. This flaw can be overcome by understanding how they all describe one more beautiful picture of existence – not through dogmatic systems but through a spiritual experience.

That is what we as an organization do. We offer not only the teaching and training necessary to allow you to understand what you see around you – but how to experience it in a whole new way. Our method is all about you, your experiences, your gifts, and how you interact with the world. It is about bringing you to a new level of seeing, experiencing, and knowing the world. We are a stepping stone to true enlightenment, empowerment, and understanding.

The key is to take a journey in which you discover yourself.