Alex Hill

Alex temp bio picAlex Hill is a Guide and Teacher of metaphysics, spirituality and personal empowerment, trained in the ancient mystery tradition, certified under the auspices of the Modern Mystery School.  From personal experience, Alex knows how true magick can change a person’s life. As a child he always believed there was something more to life than what society presented on the surface. With a strong inner knowing of a deeper, richer life to be lived, Alex explored and studied various facets of the occult and esoteric sciences for the purpose of personal progression, enlightenment and fulfillment.

Upon initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light in the lineage of King Solomon, Alex began to apply the ancient tools and wisdom of the mystery school  working as a Healer, Teacher and Guide. Over the years, Alex has facilitated many people through their own personal journey of transformation and spiritual awakening. He continues to study and improve himself while teaching others and offering private sessions for those who are ready, or hear the inner calling to take the next on their spiritual path.

Alex has received his training and certification and continues to study with the Modern Mystery School.


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