Andrea Kuznick

Andrea has ongoing education in many natural health modalities. She is continually studying and receiving education in the WHOLE body, mind and spirit disciplines. (For over 20+ years) She is a Holistic Nutritionist CNP, Iridologist HI, Energy medicine practitioner (EMP), a Reiki master and practices many other Eastern and Universal philosophies (Buddhism & Universal Kabbalah). She is the director of education and development (key accounts sales & marketing) with a nutraceuticals company in Toronto Ontario. She is a graduate of OCAD and has a design & art background.

Andrea has intensified her studies using detoxification practices using whole body, mind and spirit techniques. She does this though herbalism and nutritional approaches for her clients, supporting world champion athletes.

True healing occurs then we own the journey for healing ourselves and engage in the knowledge and empowerment, building these into a routine and lifestyle choices. The mind and spiritual techniques are taught to achieve optimal health as we are more than the physical body.

Andrea’s personal journey in health and spirituality has led her to pursue education in a variety of mind, body, spirit disciplines achieving diplomas or certification as practitioner or specialist.

Andrea is a Life Activation Practitioner, Level 2 Healer, Etheric Reconstruction practitioner, a Guide and a Ritual Master at the Modern Mystery School. The Modern Mystery School is under the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light (light worker and energy healers) which incorporates many ancient teachings including Shamanic, Celtic, Enochian, Kabbalistic and Egyptian traditions. It is in the direct and unbroken sacred lineage of King Solomon. Andrea has a passion for crystals using this medium in many of these traditional healing modalities. Andrea is an intuitive healer and uses her talents and education for empowering healthy results for people and pets.


Phone: 416-904-2576

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