Emotional Cord Cutting

serv02There are energetic cords that connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present. If negative emotional patterns are associated with those relationships, then your energy can become drained and depleted.  Often, we have been carrying these negative energies or baggage for years and years.  

Usually, people who impact us in this way are people that we had close relationships with such as close friends, co-workers, parents, siblings and past or current partners.  People who impact us negatively are often referred to as “Energy Vampires”.

Using powerful ancient procedures, these negative energies can be cleared away, cutting off the energetic links and toxic influences that drain our energy field.  Following this procedure, you will be able to move forward in life lighter and “more free” than ever before.

As your energy levels are restored, you have the ability to create new healthier relationships and boundaries with others.