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The Life Activation started a process of greater clarity in my life and sense of purpose.  Thank you!

Angela, Toronto, ON


I would like to thank Larry for the Life Activation work which I received through him.  I am able to experience a much deeper rest and well being.

Christiana, Vaughan, ON


I really enjoyed the Mediation session last night and thank you for your time. Being that it was my first experience, both of you made me feel very welcome and comfortable.  I was able to relax my mind and body and leave the days thoughts and stresses behind.  I am looking forward to attending another session in the New year!

Alison J, Barrie, ON


Before my Life Activation, I had a lot of angst and drama in my life.  I was not happy.  After the Life Activation, I am much calmer, more decisive and see things with clarity.  My health is improving, and stress levels are decreased. My outlook for the future is optimistic.  I am more relaxed and confident and looking after myself.  I am just happier.

Lilly Pliakes, Newmarket, ON


My life has shifted in incredible ways since my Life Activation.  My creativity is flowing.  My energy has increased.  I feel more grounded, at peace and more alive.  I feel as if a weight was lifted from my life – and I felt the release physically during the activation (a sense of being pulled straighter and taller during the energetic balancing protocol).

Since the Activation, I have been much more relaxed and have felt a sense of calm and easing of anxieties and negative self-talk.  I can see situations a lot more clearly than I ever have before and I know it will enable me to make better choices for myself in the future.

Deborah Carraro, Toronto, ON


I am so blessed to have met Jeannie.  She has such a way of bringing calm, peace, love and insight into one’s life without any judgement.  Naturally, when she told me about the Life Activation, I was eager to try anything that she thought would benefit me and my life… and it did!!!  Before, I felt stuck in a rut, negative, like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  After the Activation, there was a flow of great positive energy.  I am excited about life and all it’s many possibilities.  I am now living in the moment.  Thanks Jeannie!

Tabytha V, Toronto, ON


Since my activation,my life has changed tremendously.  All the things I had been saying I wanted for the previous 6 months started to come to fruition. Additionally, I found myself experiencing more clarity.  Fear now shows up as an opportunity to grow, not as a situation for me to run from.  I am so glad I had the activation.  I look forward to everyday like I never have before.