Joyce Ongkeko

Joyce1Joyce Ongkeko was born in Manila, Philippines and immigrated to Canada in 1974. She attended York University and obtained her Bachelor of Science. She continued her education to attain diplomas in both Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene. She believes in being of service to others and readily volunteered in shelters and nursing homes during her high school years. One of her most memorable personal accomplishment was when she received her 1st dan black belt in tae kwon do. She developed confidence and strength which has taken her forward to her pursue of knowledge of the world and spiritual growth.

By being part of the Modern Mystery School, she believes that she has found a place that has opened her eyes to the mystery of the universe and on a right path to discovering about herself. She is an initiated teacher, guide and 3rd step ritual master in the great lineage of King Solomon .She has also been initiated as a Celtic Shaman, Kabbalist, and “Moon Flower” in Native Twisted Hair Tribe. In addition to being a dental hygienist, she has chosen to help and inspire others in their healings and journeys to attain their utmost potential.

Joyce is a positive and energetic individual who is approachable with a wonderful sense of fun. She has the drive and focus to accomplish her goals. Joyce’s dream is to live in a world where everyone works together with one another, nature and all other species in harmony, peace, love and joy. Her role is to truly be of service to others and help facilitate others in their healing and on their spiritual journey.


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